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Platform C4                   Difficulty: *****

A terrorist has taken a train station hostage and has a bomb set to go off in one hour.  You must find the bomb and disarm it before time runs out.

The Downside Up               Difficulty: ***

You and your friends are sucked through a poster into another dimesion.  Things seem the same, but some things are different.  You must work as a team to restore the poster and return to the real world before the monster comes.  (This room uses Augmented Reality)


  1. Pick which game you would like to give as a gift

  2. Click "Buy eGift Card" for the game you chose

  3. Choose the number of tickets you would like

  4. Fill out the information requested and pay the exact amount

  5. Check your email for a pdf and share it with the recipient

  6. The recipient goes to our website, books the game and uses the redemption code from the pdf in the "promo code" section

  7. (optional) The recipient has a blast and tells all their friends about their amazing experience. 

  8. (optional) The recipient buys an eGift Card for YOU! (fingers crossed!)



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