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Let the CleVR games begin!

Escape Rooms: Services
draculas demise poster.png


$35/Person   Difficulty: Very Hard
80 minutes   3-6 Players

Someone has been killing people in the local villages.  Rumor has it that a nocturnal demon known as Count Dracula is responsible.  You and your friends travel to Dracula's castle during the day to attempt to kill him in his sleep.  Will you put an end to his reign of terror?  Or will you become his next victims?
This game is NOT suitable for small children due to dead bodies and demonic references.


$30/PERSON          Difficulty: Medium
60 Minutes 2-6 Players

You and your friends are about to play Dungeons and Dragons.  As soon as you grab your game pieces, you are teleported into an alternate reality called the Downside Up.  You must work together to find each of the game pieces in order to teleport back to the real world before a monster comes and eats you. 

This is a great game for first-time escapers!  This game is inspired by the show "Stranger Things" but it is not necessary to watch the show in order to play.  



$30/PERSON          Difficulty: Hard
60 Minutes 2-6 Players

Dive deep into the ocean and enter the Temple of Atlantis, rumored to hold an ancient relic of immense power. But be warned! The gods will not relinquish an artifact of this value so easily.


4 players: $96 ($24/each)

3 Players: $78 ($26/each)

2 Players: $56 ($28/each)

1 Player: $42

   Difficulty: Medium

1-4 Players     50 Minutes

Welcome to Magic Academy!  To be admitted into the school, your team must complete the entrance exam. Grab your wands, use your wit, and become the wizards you were born to be!

magic academy poster.png


Q: Is there an age limit for your escape rooms?

A: Technically no, but we recommend 12+ as the games are designed for adults.  Children under 12 must have adult supervision.

Q: Are your rooms scary?

A: Dracula's Demise is a little bit scary (dead bodies, a few possible jump scares), but the others are not scary at all.

Q: Do I have to book online and pay with a credit card?

A: No, you can call to book and pay when you arrive.  We take cards in person as well as cash.

Q: Is your facility wheelchair accessible? 

A: Yes!  Our facility is ADA compliant.  Our staff will assist you with any special accommodations you may need within reason.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We ask that you call to cancel at least 24 hours prior to your booking so that others may have a chance to book that time slot

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