Let the CleVR games begin!




Platform C4                   Difficulty: *****

A terrorist has taken a train station hostage and has a bomb set to go off in one hour.  You must find the bomb and disarm it before time runs out.

# of Players: 4-10


The Downside Up               Difficulty: ***

You and your friends are sucked through a poster into another dimension.  Things seem the same, but some things are different.  You must work as a team to restore the poster and return to the real world before the monster comes.  This room uses Augmented Reality (handheld devices, NOT VR headsets)

# of Players: 2-6


Q: Is there an age limit for your escape rooms?

A: Technically no, but we recommend 12+ as the games are designed for adults.  Children under 12 must have adult supervision.

Q: Are your rooms scary?

A: None of our current rooms are scary.  They are well lit and do not have jump scares (well, not intentionally). 

Q: Do I have to book online and pay with a credit card?

A: No, you can call to book and pay when you arrive.  We take cards in person as well as cash.

Q: Is your facility wheelchair accessible? 

A: Yes!  Our facility is ADA compliant.  Our staff will assist you with any special accommodations you may need within reason.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We ask that you call to cancel at least 6 hours prior to your booking so that others may have a chance to book that time slot



142 South K Street

 Tulare, CA

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